What is Inner Compass Activation?

I am so excited to offer this new service that has been in development for years, I’ve created a system that allows you to activate your body temple. I will strengthen your Inner Compass since 98% of humanity’s is wired backward, twisted and blocked from living in the matrix/ mind/ego/duality, all of which locks you in a holding pattern. This activation encompasses three phases that will be completed within one session. Please note that during this session, although you will be connected via phone or video, there will be minimal talking as I am going deep into the healing and will provide you with tools throughout the session to help you raise your vibration.


Phase One: Scan and Strengthening Your Energy Bodies

Kerrie will scan your energy bodies on multidimensional levels. She will check your wiring, clear the blocks and upgrade and ground healthy wiring, which is the major communication throughout your entire physical, emotional,  mental and spiritual bodies. 

Phase Two: Healing Your Inner Divine Compass

Most of humanity’s internal compasses are backwards and blocked not giving you the correct direction for healing and balancing, which affects EVERY aspect of your life.

Phase Three: Activate & Anchor

After Kerrie has prepared your energy bodies with Phases one and two, she will activate you to your Divine Original Blueprints. Anchoring you in to your Body Temple gives you greater access to Health, Wealth and Happiness. Now is the time to do it!