Three Topics Remote Reading


These sessions are done without speaking with Kerrie on the phone or in-person allowing the sessions to go very deep. Select your topics and you will receive a report and suggestions via email as an mp3 file that you can use to help release these deeply ingrained patterns.

Please note that you will receive the mp3 recording 4-6 weeks from the purchase date.

If your matter requires immediate assistance then it recommended that you schedule a phone or in-person session.

Three topics $200 (savings of $25). Please note that we cannot save any remotes for future redemption; all three remotes must be redeemed at one time.

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Kerrie is able to see how you’re directing your life-force and where there are blocks and old programs that stop you from creating a life living to your fullest potential. When you know the underlying old beliefs/patterns you then have a choice to choose to re-direct your Life Force into healthy, life-affirming patterns.  A session starts a process that you can continue to work with that will re-direct your unconscious patterns into healthier ones.